Since 1983, Estudio de Comunicación has provided with Communications strategy, management and advisory services together with the most important businesses and institutions in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, and we have taken part in the Communications processes of leading corporate and financial operations carried out both in Spain and other countries.  We have overseen over 2,000 projects for different clients, some of the most relevant include M&As, takeover bids, stock market flotation operations and crisis management cases for more than 250 companies, as well as new products and company launches, etc…

Crisis Communications has been one of our team’s specialties since the Firm was established. Restructuring processes, factory shutdowns and relocations, concentration of work centers, accidents and environmental problems have been some of the many issues where we have managed internal communications as well as institutional, press and investor relations.

Our international network allows us to employ a homogeneous and consistent methodology for any clients who require coordinated and simultaneous management in different countries. We have a network of several partners or best friends, leading companies with the ability to provide services in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

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