Whitepaper: Autoridad vs Popularidad en la Red

Six of Estudio de Comunicación’s consultants worked on this piece, where they delve into the online popularity v. authority question from the point of view of influencers and a website’s reputation.

The main difference between authority and popularity online stems from the influence one has and the amount of links to a site or profile’s content. The popularity of a site is achieved through individual hits or, in a Facebook or Twitter profile’s case, by the number of followers. Now, the reputation or quality of the links in question or the influencing power one has over followers delineate the authority. The influencer in question, be them a blogger, youtuber or instagramer, doesn´t necessarily have to be popular to have authority, nor is a popular influencer automatically an authority.

Download Estudio de Comunicación’s Whitepaper: Autoridad vs Popularidad en la Red here

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