Estudio de Comunicación ranks 3rd best ESG consultancy in Spain

Only after Accenture and Indra, according to MERCO ESG monitor

  • Accenture, Indra, Estudio de Comunicación and Ibermática are the only consultancy firms that figure in the 2021 MERCO ESG rank in Spain.

MERCO, the corporate monitor of reference in Spain and Latin America, which evaluates the ESG responsibility of companies since 2000, published in late April the results of the ‘Merco Responsibility ESG’ monitor. Spain’s leading Corporate Intelligence, Public Affairs and Communications agency, Estudio de Comunicación, has been named, for the first time, as the third most responsible consultant in ESG in 2021.

The most important companies in the country take part in the Merco Responsibility ESG monitor. This year, the overall ESG rank is headed by ONCE Social Group, Mercadona and Inditex. Divided by sectors, Garrigues has been ranked as the most responsible law firm; Nestlé tops ESG at the food industry; Mapfre, the insurance one; Seat leads in automotive; Deloitte, in auditors; CaixaBank, in the banking sector; Mercadona, in distribution and Sanitas, in healthcare.

In the consultancy sector, only four companies have made it into the top positions of the rank, in the following order: Accenture, Indra, Estudio de Comunicación and Ibermática. According to Benito Berceruelo, CEO of Estudio de Comunicación; “We have been serving our clients for 39 years and we are proud to be considered in this important ranking as the third consultancy with the greatest ESG responsibility in Spain, behind Accenture and Indra, and the only one in the communications intelligence and public relations sector”.

The 2021 MERCO ESG rank has been elaborated with a thorough methodology. To obtain the ranking results 1,110 business executives were interviewed; 692 experts, agents and users in the digital field; managers from 609 Small and Medium size businesses; 2,667 citizens; 24,002 workers from different companies; 9,168 university students; 903 alumni of business schools; 200 HR managers and 53 expert headhunters; among others.



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