The importance of having an Institutional Relations strategy in the current geopolitical environment

Today most companies are forced to operate in an extremely complex political and social environment. The volatility of the international situation leads to instability and uncertainty in most countries. Governments are becoming increasingly weaker and are ever more subject to external pressures and internal tensions that make their work much more unpredictable.

We are currently experiencing a situation in which it is becoming more and more difficult to foresee legislative initiatives taken at various administrative levels as well as to calculate the impact that such measures will have on both the economy at large and on business performance.

In Spain, this uncertainty is aggravated by a political calendar that includes all-important regional and local elections in May 2023 and general elections that will result in a new government by the end of that same year or in the first days of 2024.

This scenario makes it more advisable than ever for companies to have the right strategy in place to navigate in a highly bewildering environment. Such strategy must be both clear and flexible, able to respond appropriately to the current challenges while anticipating other future ones that lie around the corner.

The right Institutional Relations strategy will help companies to better understand the difficult context in which they have to work, will allow them to know the political and social actors that are or may be critical for the development of their agenda and will help them to largely anticipate the legislative decisions they may encounter. In short, a suitable Institutional Relations strategy is essential to find light amid the darkness that dominates the current geopolitical circumstances.

However, for this strategy to be effective, in addition to an accurate analysis of the situation and its main players, it must be able to pinpoint the actual actions required. It is not enough to understand the perimeter in which a company operates, it is also necessary to be able to identify the particular needs of each company in order to find the most appropriate field of action. This is often a long and painstaking task that requires a very precise identification of the environment and a deep knowledge of the company. But is the only way in which we will be able to provide an adequate Institutional Relations consultancy.

Aware of this new reality, at Estudio de Comunicación we have decided to reinforce this area with the purpose of providing our clients with a service that is more in line with current needs.

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