Spain is approaching an election year

Spain is approaching an election year without a clear forecast of its outcome. Throughout 2023, almost all levels of political Administration have to be renewed: local governments, most of the regional ones and the Government of the nation itself. 2024 can start with a new political landscape in the whole country.

The first electoral date is May 28, 2023. On that day, elections will be held in all large and small cities, as well as in 12 of the 17 Autonomous Communities that exist in Spain. While in Madrid the polls predict a clear victory for the conservative Popular Party, in Spain’s second city, Barcelona, ​​both the left and the nationalists have a chance of victory.

Other important cities in the country, as well as prominent autonomous communities, can change their political color in these elections, which, in turn, will have a great influence in the face of subsequent national elections.

The exact date for holding the national elections is yet to be determined. It is up to the Government to do it. Most likely, the elections will be called at the end of December, coinciding with the end of the semester of the Spanish presidency of the European Union.

Although the PP is leading the polls, the outcome of these elections is still highly uncertain. Difficulties can be expected in achieving a stable majority to form a Government.

Antonio Caño, Partner


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