A pessimistic but moderate country

Spanish voters are facing a difficult electoral year in 2023 -local, regional and national elections- with pessimism about the present and the future of the economy, but with an attitude of composure and serenity that contrasts with the polarization and tension detected in the political front.

Six out of ten Spaniards, according to a survey carried out this week by the prestigious polling firm Metroscopia, define the economic situation in Spain as “bad”. That includes 86% of voters for the conservative Popular Party, but also 42% of voters for the Socialist Party and even 30% of voters for the leftist Podemos, the two parties that make up the Government coalition.

Nevertheless, that pessimism about the economy does not lead Spaniards towards radicalism. 40% of Spaniards describe their attitude towards the country’s problems as “calm”, while only 16% express “anger” and only 7% confess “fear”.

55% of the population understands that Spain is not so bad if compared to the situation in other similar countries, and 80% assume that various unforeseen events are taking place in the world that should be watched out for.

It can therefore be deduced from these data that Spain is today a moderate country, aware of the economic problems it is going through, but willing to approach them prudently and calmly. It can even be said that Spanish society expresses itself in this electoral year with more prudence than its political class.

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