In the hands of the independentists

Spain is going through a difficult political moment in which the only possibility of forming a new Government in the short term depends on the pro-independence parties of Catalonia and, particularly, on one of its best-known leaders, Carlos Puigdemont, who is on the run from Spanish justice, persecuted for having organized the illegal referendum of […]


Spain seems to be heading towards a new coalition Government. The elections to be held on July 23rd could offer a result that makes it impossible for either of the two major parties -Partido Popular and Partido Socialista Obrero Español- from forming a Government alone. So, a difficult negotiation process with small parties would be […]

Early elections

The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, has announced the call for early elections for Sunday, July 23. Although it is an advance of only five months with respect to the legal term for the conclusion of the present legislature, this call has greatly accelerated political activity in the country and has opened […]


The financial press has been reporting for some time now about a moment of disinterest in IPOs. The war in Ukraine and rising interest rates in the world have created an uncertain environment and forced investors to be cautious. Very few companies today consider the stock market as a means of financing. In Spain, this […]

The division of the left

Political activity in Spain is already fully focused on the local and regional elections to be held on May 28. That date will probably help to determine which political forces have the best chance of forming a new Government by the end of the year. One of the uncertainties that the May elections should help […]

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