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Charo Gómez, Partner

Charo Gómez has been part of Estudio de Comunicación for three decades, over which she has gained extensive senior expertise in designing, managing and implementing financial and crisis communication strategies. Charo has successfully advised leading listed companies operating in almost all industries, from the financial to the cultural world, as well as in the energetic, telecommunications, automotive, construction, and distribution sectors, among others. She specialises in strategic business communication as a whole and, specifically, Charo has become trusted advisor of companies undergoing major corporate privatisation processes in Spain, and companies in the midst of the digitalization process or during the economic crisis period.

Prior to joining Estudio de Comunicación, Charo worked as a journalist in regional newspapers and radio stations. She also worked as communication advisor to the former Spanish Prime Minister, Adolfo Suárez, working with his team in Zaragoza on one of his political campaigns. She also managed the communication team of Talavera de la Reina´s City Council.

Together with peers from prominent law firms, Charo has given talks and lectures, and coordinated seminars, workshops and informative breakfasts. She is author of the books elaborated and published by the professional team of Estudio de Comunicación on Internal, Financial and Digital Communication.

Charo holds a degree in Journalism from Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

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