Estudio de Comunicación - Garbiñe Plazas - directora

Garbiñe Plazas, Account Director

Garbiñe has been a journalist since more than twenty years, and she had worked as a communications consultant for a decade before joining Estudio de Comunicación. At the time, she advises companies, national and international, from sectors as diverse as electricity, infrastructure, financial, industrial or investor. She designs strategies for corporate operations and works closely with the companies and their teams through great challenges such as their growth and international expansion.

Her experience comes from the work she carried out at RNE, El Diario Vasco and Cinco Días. In Estudio de Comunicación she has participated in different cases: communications crisis, IPOs and cases related to financial communications. She coauthored the book Comunicación Empresarial and she earned her Information Sciences degree at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

She loves going to San Sebastián and the Trainera Regattas.

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