Estudio de Comunicación - Gerardo Miguel - Director

Gerardo Miguel, Account Director

Gerardo specialized in business communication and crisis management. Since he joined Estudio de Comunicación, he has worked on the design and implementation of communication campaigns and crisis plans for clients from diverse sectors such as cultural, publishing, real estate and architecture, ICT, pharmaceutical, foods and beverages, and sport, where, in addition, he has been in charge of media relations.

As an account director at Estudio de Comunicación he has participated in the elaboration of audits and internal and external communication plans, as well as communication actions in the digital field. He has been part of the teams responsible for bringing the communication of some of the most relevant corporate operations of those experienced in Spain. He is one of the members of Estudio de Comunicación´s digital communication team.

He has co-written five books produced by Estudio de Comunicación: Internal Communication in the Company: Keys and challenges; Financial Communication: Transparency and trust; The new internal communication in the company; Business Communication; and #Communication. Solutions for a digital world.

He has a degree in Information Sciences and is a vocational journalist. Before joining Estudio de Comunicación´s team – where he has spent most of his professional career – he worked in local media, some of which he directed.

He is passionate about reading, and he always has a book on him, be it a physical copy or an ebook reader, as well as a newspaper.

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