Estudio de Comunicación - Jesús Ortiz - Director del Área de Formación

Jesús Ortiz, Senior Advisor

Communicator and journalist. He has developed his profession in all types of media (printed, digital, radio, television) and communication processes. He is currently Managing director of the Estudio de Communicación Coach and Training Area.

Since 1987 he has been working on Corporate Communications both in planning and management, for several companies and institutions. He also performed the creation and management of written and audiovisual media, the management of journalism audiovisual training centers and he also collaborated with several Media (technical magazines, RNE). Previously, he directed Antena 3’s radio station in Asturias after having developed his professional work as a writer, scriptwriter and accounts director in radio stations and as a radio and television producer, as well as working in an Advertising and Public Relations agency.

He gives talks on journalism and communication in several Spanish universities, publishes articles in different media and has co-written several books published by Estudio de Comunicación (Internal Communication in Business – Keys and Challenges, Financial Communication: Transparency and Trust, New Internal Communication in Business , Business Communication and Communication, Solutions for a digital world).

His passions are writing and music.

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