Estudio de comunicación - Juana Pulido - directora

Juana Pulido, Partner

Juana was clear since she began university education that her future was the Strategic Communication Consulting for companies. She knew it was a major challenge since at that point it was not a subject of the Faculty of Information Sciences. This situation and the opportunity provided by Estudio de Comunicación made her explore Business Communication before she finished her university career.

Graduated in Information Sciences, and already as a Senior Consultant in Estudio de Comunicación, she has participated in the design and implementation of internal and external communication plans for some of the most important companies in this country and others in the international field.

Member of Estudio de Comunicación Online team since its inception, she has developed 360º strategies for companies from the most diverse economic sectors. For several years she has given seminars at ICADE related to online internal communication. She has also been a speaker at international seminars such as “Voices Training in Times of Communication 2.0 and 3.0” of the Communication Thematic Observatory 2.0 and 3.0, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Co-author of five collective books produced by Estudio de Comunicación: Internal Communication in Business: Keys and challenges; Financial Communication: Transparency and trust; The new internal communication in the company; Business Communication; and #Communication. Solutions for a digital world. She has published articles in various media on various subjects related to communication and new technologies.

Her leisure time prefers to spend it outdoors with his family, enjoying a good book or thinking how to recover pieces of crafts inherited from her grandparents.

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