Estudio de Comunicación - Pilar Lladó - socia

Pilar Lladó, Partner

Pilar Lladó has worked as Communication Director of the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Culture, Madrid City Council and Madrid European Capital of Culture project. She has also been Communication Director of Vodafone.

Throughout her career she has specialized in global communication strategies for national and international companies, as well as Institutional Relations and Public Intelligence.

Passionate about art, Pilar has served on the board of the contemporary art fair ARCO for 15 years. Currently she serves on the board of CODESPA, a non-profit organization chaired by His Majesty, King Felipe VI.

In 1990, Pilar founded the communication consultancy Lladó-Seis, which in 2005 merged with Estudio de Comunicación, of which she has been a partner ever since.


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