Estudio de Comunicación - Sonia Díaz- Socia

Sonia Díaz, Partner

Sonia Díaz has been a partner at Estudio de Comunicación since 2010. Throughout these years she has advised clients on external and internal strategic communication campaigns and led numerous crisis communication projects: company closures, financial restructuring processes and organisational changes. In addition, Sonia leads the Design, Advertising and Multimedia Area of Estudio de Comunicación conceiving and producing creative solutions and all types of visual-friendly communication materials.

Prior to joining Estudio de Comunicación as a consultant in 1996, Sonia worked as a journalist for Spain’s national public radio service and as a marketing and advertising manager for C&E, a photography company.

Sonia holds a degree in Journalism and obtained her Masters in Advertising Management from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Sonia is also interested in Psychology and she is currently finishing a bachelor’s degree at UNED.

Sonia is married and the mother of a young little girl, Lucia. In her spare time she loves to travel. Some other hobbies are playing golf, swimming, dancing flamenco and playing mus.


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