Cómo enfrentar ataques en redes sociales

Editorial Señales published Carlos Bonilla’s new book. In Oportunidades de las Relaciones Públicas en la Internet. Cómo enfrentar ataques en redes sociales, AB Estudio de Comunicación’s vicepresident has written, with a direct and didactic style, a manual on good practices in Corporate Communication and PR, but through the lens of new technologies and the new developments social media brings along.

In this book, Bonilla defends – as Estudio de Comunicación’s consultants explain in our articles and posts – that legislation on upcoming technologies and social media should evolve at the same pace – or at least a similar one – that these technologies advance.

“This book wants to prove,” Bonilla explains, “that the use of the internet in corporate communication and PR is a great help to optimize informational fluxes, both endogenous and exogenous, however, it also poses a potential threat to companies or institutions’ reputations when used by their adversaries or detractors, since there are no laws in place to avoid it.”

If you wish to order a copy:

If you want a copy of “Cómo enfrentar ataques en redes sociales”, please get in touch with espana@estudiodecomunicacion.com

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