Comunicación Interna en la Empresa. Claves y Desafíos

“It’s true that in communications, like in almost all other professions, the difference usually lies in the how, not the what behind the question. A doctor operates as any other does, but one will save your life whereas another might not. A lawyer will use the same laws as any other, but one gets you to walk free, whereas the other one gets you imprisoned. The difference is not what one does, but in someone doing it well and someone else not. Communications are exactly the same. A book such as this one cannot rediscover America, nor reinvent the wheel. It cannot tell you how to face each assignment in every single company, because that’s up to good professionals. It can, however, and it’s what we’ve strived to do for, draw attention to the paths to follow, as well as common mistakes and things one must never forget,” Benito Berceruelo explains in the introduction to the book.

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