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Communication today is intangible, with a direct repercussion in both the company’s business development and their results accounts. Its management as such must be carried out in a rigorous and professional manner. Companies are in a permanent state of communication with their target audiences, regarding both what they say and what they don’t or hold back: investors, shareholders, employees, consumers, suppliers, media and public opinion. Internet and social media have taken the relationship between companies and their stakeholders to such a stage of proximity that face-to-face dialogue sometimes becomes difficult, especially when we talk about customer service.

At Estudio de Comunicación we are, first and foremost, communication consultants who put our knowledge and extensive experience and expertise at the service of companies and institutions that require it. We help them position their brand, define their corporate identity and build their public image and reputation.


Services we offer:

  • External and internal Communication Consultancy.
  • Development and management of Communications Plan.
  • Organization of the Communication.
  • Strategic advice.
  • Training of spokespersons.
  • Plans and reports on corporate social responsibility and reputation.
  • Sponsorship strategies
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