The importance of human contact

Companies and institutions carry out extraordinary activities in their daily routines, which can become perfect opportunities to spread institutional messages, make direct and personalized contact with a part of their target audiences, create bonds and strengthen links. Participating in events, cultural and leisure activities, sports, seminars, conferences or exhibitions allows the company to identify with values associated with particular events (effort, improvement, modernity …) and achieve brand notoriety.

At Estudio de Comunicación we take care of every detail, strategically and tactically, to ensure the event meets the desired objective. We design and manage events to strengthen institutional relations, promote new forms of relationship with target groups, enable real-time contact with groups of potential customers, encourage interest around the company’s news or some of the lesser-known aspects of the organization, as well as improving the institutional image of the company. We do all of this without side-lining the message that must be transmitted in a coherent way during the ensemble of the event. We ensure the message is present both in the content (speech, videos or publications) as in the space itself, as well as in the formal and aesthetic aspects (decoration, smells, music, lighting and suitability of technical solutions) of the event. Every single detail counts.

At Estudio de Comunicación we have our own events such as

Festival de Luz y Vanguardia

Spain Investors Day

Foro América

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