Litigation requires communications

During a legal process, companies and their managers face issues that no longer depend solely on their lawyers. Business communications in any sort of litigation, such as legal defence, require a strategic approach to manage the inevitable demand of information by the media; to determine which audiences you must send the information to, besides journalists; to articulate a public defence argument, to react and act in the most appropriate manner in the face of rumours, inaccuracies, or fake news that may spread.

Our task is to collaborate in the management of business communications in legal processes and finding solutions to image problems that companies may face. A person or company’s image and reputation are essential and strategic values, so it is fundamental during a legal process to manage the Communication in a professional manner, and to answer the demand for information from the Media.

At Estudio de Comunicación we have a thorough knowledge of how legal and media processes work in all countries where we operate. We help companies prepare for a moment of crisis and manage any type of extraordinary situation derived from accidents, tax crimes, violation of competition rules, human rights, labour or environmental problems, among others.

Services we offer:

  • Strategic analysis.
  • Communications Plan.
  • Implementation of strategy and actions.
  • Social listening and offline tracking.
  • Spokespersons training.
  • Image recovery.
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