The company and its institutional audiences

At Estudio de Comunicación we have a long experience in providing solutions to companies which need to interact with institutions and/or authorities. Our style is based on a methodology that can be summarized in five rules:

Implication: The availability of company managers to act at key moments is essential.

Knowledge: Our interlocutors must understand who will receive our inputs and from what point of view

Empathy: Adapt issues to the receiver, in order to choose a format suited to their needs and profile.

Proactivity: Knowledge of all parties involved is crucial in order to act proactively when their willingness to listen is greater.

Opportunity: Our actions must be planned and consistent, but also agile and timely.

We must bear in mind that any Institutional Relations activity must be strategically aligned with the company’s short, medium and long-term objectives, as well as consistent with the rest of the communication actions. If we face the management of public administrations in a systematic way, we will strengthen the results account for tomorrow.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Design and execution of strategic plans.
  • Elaboration of decision-makers
  • Identification of organizations, institutions of interest and opinion leaders
  • Organization of meetings with politicians, public institutions and other publics.
  • Identification of opportunities and threats.
  • Analysis and monitoring of legislative processes.
  • Analysis and preparation of documents
  • Auditing of social and political perception.
  • Organization of institutional events.
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