A good practice in Public Relations is key to establish an effective and direct contact with target audiences and to build-up good brand reputation.

Nowadays, communication and public relations initiatives can feel somewhat saturated, so. Oftentimes. we witness a set of repeated actions which, mostly, are not effective in surprising the recipient.  It is essential to be creative in order to combat boredom and repetition. At Estudio de Comunicación we are fervent supporters of brainstorming; it is in our DNA and we organize brainstorming sessions very often to ensure we meet our clients’ needs with fresh and innovative proposals and achieve remarkable results. It is not only a budgetary matter, but of having a good idea and putting it into practice by combining traditional media and 2.0 web to achieve the best results.

Our public relations services include:

  • Event Organization and design
  • Presentations and launches of companies, services and products
  • Relationship programs with opinion leaders
  • Organization of congresses, seminars, etc.
  • Organization of personal visits
  • Sponsorship and patronage
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