IPO – Prosegur Cash

Estudio de Comunicación IPO Prosegur CAsh


Cash is a company devoted to value logistics and cash management that offers solutions for the entirety of the management and transport cycle, as well as full ATM service at bank offices. It is the second biggest company in its field by income, has a market share of 12%, and is world leader in benefits.

After its separation and subsequent integration as an independent division within Prosegur Compañía de Seguridad S.A., it was considered it was the perfect time to go public and become one of the first quoted companies of 2017.


Cash’s stock market launch was an IPO addressed exclusively to accredited investors. Cash’s starting point had a relatively low profile and it was of paramount importance to establish a much more proactive communication system with prospective investors and public opinion in general, as well as making it clear that fulfilment of all the regulations laid out for a public company’s subsidiary by the CNMV was a must.

Our goal as consultants was to advertise Prosegur Cash’s business as a worldwide referent within the private security sector and to build trust in it as its market’s main player which, in turn, would give it a long run. On the other hand, we also had to reverse the generalized belief that online payments were substituting cash, thus making it a declining payment method.

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