Foreign investment in Spain surpasses 34.1 billion in 2022, the second highest amount ever

Foreign investment topped €34.1 billion in gross terms in 2022, up 13.9% versus a year earlier and the second highest figure since data collection began in 1993, according to Government statistics. This improvement is a result of the increased investment from the United States in Spain, with a 44% growth, while the United Kingdom doubled its amount and Germany almost trebled its investment in the country.

By sector, more than half of the total foreign investment in Spain (55.1%) went to services, followed by industry (42.2%) and construction (2.5%). Madrid was once again the region in Spain that received the most foreign investment, accounting for more than 50% of the total, some €17.2 billion.

Spain’s big listed companies increase dividend payments almost by 18% in 2022

Spanish large listed companies increased 17.8% shareholders’ remuneration through dividend payments last year as the ECB’s dividend and stock buybacks ban established during the pandemic came to an end, which allowed banks to raise this compensation, according to a report by the asset management group Janus Henderson.

The figure was remarkable in comparison with other European countries, although lower than that of Germany and France, which grew by 33.5% and 26.2% respectively. Global dividends rose by almost 14% to a record $1.56 trillion, according to the fund manager.

Multinationals call for stability and legal certainty in Spain to boost economic competitiveness

Multinationals recommend giving priority to stability and legal certainty to foster economic competitiveness in Spain in order to double investment figures by 2030, according to a report by the association Multinacionales con España, made up of a conglomerate of companies from various sectors operating in the country.

To achieve this goal, the association supports a plan to attract investment to Spain in the coming years, which must be backed by fiscal consolidation policies and a “stable, simple, efficient and internationally competitive” tax system. The association says that this will build a “21st century economy” based on innovation, flexibility and a digitalised industrial model. In this regard, it proposed that a State Treaty for Innovation should be reached, providing public funds and fiscal support for R&D&i.

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