The challenge of communicating a public offering

Benito Berceruelo has written an article for Cinco Días – one of Spain’s better known economic newspapers – titled “The challenge of communicating a public offering” in which he explains that, for all companies, going public is a singular chance to create a positive image.

Whenever companies face extraordinary or challenging situations, Communications are thrust into the foreground. In his article, Estudio de Comunicación’s CEO explains that “when it comes to corporate operations like public offerings, a curious situation arises, since any company’s first public offering is a singular opportunity.” From the moment the bell rings and shares start being traded, the company has a new product to sell to new clients and, in order to be chosen over its competition, it has to draw attention to itself and look trustworthy: attention so that their company and offering are noticed; they have to be trustworthy so that the offering itself looks reliable and profitable. Berceruelo underlines that “to accomplish this, Communications play a key part in the endeavor.”


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