Effective reaction to the digital challenge

The irruption of new technologies has radically changed the world of corporate and business communications. A company’s presence on the internet nowadays is inevitable, because whether or not they are subject to comments on social networks and online forums no longer depends on their own initiative. Nowadays, the dilemma companies face is how to manage their inevitable online presence and activity. The answer lies in common sense and an online communication appropriate to their business strategy, carried out by trained professionals who speak the language​​ of the Network.

In order to manage a brand’s digital identity, we have developed our e-3D strategy, with a 360° field of vision which helps manage the company’s online presence, the perception of its brand and the ability of its brand to influence Social Media.

Interconnected services that we offer:

  • Social Listening: Listening and monitoring what is said on social media and identifying true influencers.
  • Social Intelligence: Design of strategies to achieve marked objectives.
  • Employee’s guides: Digital policy manual for employees
  • Crisis rulebooks: Design of crisis manuals, which contain possible crisis scenarios, processes and messages to be transmitted.
  • Training: Spokesperson training in social media culture.
  • Social content: Content development and implementation of brand positioning actions.
  • Engagement: Community management, conversation and relations with influencers.
  • Social Analytics: Result management and deviation corrections.

At Estudio de Comunicación, we are acutely aware of how important the digital environment is when managing critical situations, which is why we have designed the Crisis Shield Wall, a product that covers every aspect of a digital crisis. Through this comprehensive service, we offer companies the necessary tools to face a crisis and manage any type of extraordinary situation derived from accidents, labor or environmental problems amongst others.

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