Sensitive communication

The health sector constitutes a complex, dynamic and strongly regulated framework where different agents coexist, each one with its own peculiarities, challenges and needs.

Both the 2.0 environment and social media have opened a new communications channel for the healthcare sector. This area is continuously shifting and means many opportunities may arise from within, but this also requires meeting certain demands and complying with certain obligations. These new tools are complementary to all those which have been traditionally used. It is important to have the ability at all times to use the best possible tool depending on strategy, objectives, the audience you want to address, etc.

In order to successfully communicate in this environment, specialization is essential to develop communications policies and strategies, public relations and institutional relations appropriate to every client’s particular objectives and needs, both strictly within the health area or in other fields, helping businesses in this sector expand its ability to influence.

These are the pillars that separate Estudio de Comunicación and where its success rests: an exhaustive knowledge and extensive experience in the health sector, which allows us to navigate along precise and defined directions and explains our ability to cross the sectorial borders and reach other lands. Health communications has specific codes and needs to which we answer. The team integrating Estudio de Comunicación Health accumulates important experience in this area where it has worked exhaustively for years with the pharmaceutical and health- technology industry, medical-scientific societies, patient groups, health centers and various entities linked to the socio-sanitary sector.

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