Street Marketing -Federación de Gremio de Editores de España

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Our client, Federación de Gremios de Editores de España, asked us to design a Communication Plan which would let the Spanish editorial sector join the ventures promoting reading in Spanish society and bent on improving the country’s literacy index undertaken by public and private entities. Among the procedures envisioned in the Plan, there were Street Marketing events designed to catch the public eye. First and foremost, a campaign called “Yo también Leo”, which took part within an event with a great deal of media and social impact, La Vuelta a España. Other years, there were other campaigns, under the banner “Leer tiene premio”, which took place all over the country’s beaches and town squares, in which well-known characters were brought forth into the real world to interact with bathers and citizens.


The main goal was to draw attention to the adventures, stories and lives which are found within books by using storytellers and actors who would embody well-known literary characters and would encourage everyone to delve into the literary world. Summer was chosen in order to showcase reading as a leisure, seasonal activity.

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