Since 1983 we collaborate in the Communications management and provide strategic consultancy to the most important companies and institutions in Spain. We have also taken a leading role as Communication advisors in the main corporate and financial developments in Spain and those of Spanish companies abroad. We have developed more than 2,000 projects for different clients, providing substantial experience and counsel during key mergers and acquisitions operations, IPOs, takeover bids and issues management for more than 250 clients. Moreover, we have launched new products and new businesses or help companies to enter new markets, among others.

Crisis Communications is one of our leading fields of expertise since the Company was founded. We have significant experience in almost every form of critical issues or dramatic corporate changes such as restructurings, factory outplacements or shutdowns, streamlining of operations, accidents and environmental pollution problems. Our team of experts plan and handles effective internal communications, Public Affairs and Media and Investor Relations.

Last figure

Since 2009 until 1H 2012, we have advised a total of 62 M&A deals worth more than 171, 7 billion Euros. Only in 2008, we took part in more than forty corporate deals worth more than 180 billion Euros. Among them, the follows standout: 22 corporate acquisitions – worth more than 76,5 billion Euros-, three IPOs – which reached over 40 billion Euros – and three takeover bids – the amount of which totaled 60 billion Euros.

We are proud of being the first and only Spanish consultancy ranked among the Top 20 Communications Firms by Mergermarket Global Ranking (Financial Times Group). Estudio de Comunicación was ranked 13th in 2009, for advising on a total of 16 M&A deals valued 22,8 billion Dollars.

What makes us different

In-house methodology

We have developed an in-house system and methodology to offer our clients a high-end added value in different practices such as communications and image audits, communications plans, issues management, financial communications, digital strategies, media training, crisis manuals and induction manuals. Our methodology is consistent in our global office network.

Client dedication

In each case, depending on our clients’ requirements, we deploy a team of full-time consultants working in their headquarters or from Estudio de Comunicación offices.


One of our self-commitments is to enhance a high and consistent quality of service. All our work is supervised by a Quality team and we have mandatory internal regulations.


We are used to working with confidential and sensitive information, and many of our clients’ contracts include confidentiality clauses. Furthermore, our professionals sign confidentiality agreements and all highly sensitive information is stored under safe custody procedures.

Client discretion

We do not promote our achievements for commercial purposes, nor do we publically disclose our client portfolio. We believe that the sole protagonist of our work must be our client.

Professional and ideological independence

It is our own choice to not defend ideologies or political party interests. That makes us an independent company in the position to recommend the best partner companies according to the clients’ needs and market supply.

Continuous training

One of our corporate priorities is to provide a continuing training for our professionals. We allocate significant time and resources to the transmission of Knowledge or the organization of internal seminars based on our case studies and best practices. We also have multidisciplinary sessions with high-profile speakers and a specialized library, among others.

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