Our work consists of helping companies to communicate effectively with all their target audiences: clients, employees, opinion leaders, journalists, shareholders, financial community, administrations, etc.

We provide a comprehensive approach to Communications offering a full range of services during the whole work cycle: From strategic planning and talking points’ definition to the development of any specific action.

In order to do so, we count with a team of 160 professionals with significant experience working for leading Media and Communications departments of other companies and institutions. Our senior consultants have an in-depth knowledge of Corporations and Communications insights.



  • External and Internal Communications Audits
  • Communication Analysis and Planning
  • Structuring of the Communications Departments
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Media Training Programs
  • Social & Corporate Responsibility Programs and Reports

Financial Communications

  • Communication of Financial transactions: IPO’s, capital increases, takeover bids, M&A, etc.
  • Communication with institutional and individual investors and financial intermediaries
  • Design and organization of road-shows
  • Design and organization of the Shareholders’ Office
  • Design and organization of  Annual Shareholders Meeting

Crisis Communications

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Simulation scenarios
  • Issues Management and Communications Strategy
  • Strategy implementation and Plan of actions
  • Crisis Manuals
  • Media Relations

Media Relations

  • Communications Plan
  • Media monitoring (Press, Radio, Television, Online & digital Media)
  • Press releases, Background dossiers, Press kits, etc
  • Media coverage analysis

Internal Communications

  • Internal Communications Plan
  • Consulting for Internal Communications crisis
  • Welcome Handbook and Initial Training Manuals
  • Relocation Manuals
  • Studies, surveys and opinion polls among employees
  • Internal Communication support materials

Public Relations

  • Design and event organization
  • Presentation and launching of companies, services and products
  • Public Relations Programs with key opinion leaders
  • Organization of congresses, seminars, etc
  • Organization of high-profile visits
  • Sponsorship and Patronage

Public Relations

  • Diseño y ejecución de planes de RR.II.
  • Elaboración de mapas de decision makers.
  • Identificación de organizaciones, instituciones y líderes de opinión de interés.
  • Organización de encuentros con políticos, instituciones públicas y otros líderes.
  • Identificación de oportunidades y amenazas.
  • Análisis y seguimiento de procesos legislativos.
  • Preparación de documentación.
  • Realización de auditorías y análisis de percepción política.
  • Organización de eventos institucionales.
  • Asesoría y acompañamiento en la gestión.

Online Communications

  • Digital Strategy
  • Internet and Intranet
  • Blogs
  • Banners
  • Web 2.0
  • Websites


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Multimedia Campaigns
  • Advertising creativity and design
  • Campaign planning
  • Campaigns ‘pre-test and post-test
  • Promotional actions
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Point of Sale Advertising

Corporate Identity

  • Corporate Identity Audits
  • Graphic design of Brands
  • Corporate Visual Identity Programs
  • Corporate Identity Manuals
  • Signaling Programs


  • Design and production of corporate gifts
  • Promotional packs
  • Packaging


  • Internal and External Magazines
  • Bulletins and Newsletters
  • Leaflets, catalogues and inserts
  • Annual reports
  • Sustainably reports
  • Shareholders publications
  • “White Paper”


Studies and Analysis


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