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A pessimistic but moderate country

Spanish voters are facing a difficult electoral year in 2023 -local, regional and national elections- with pessimism about the present and the future of the economy, but with an attitude of composure and serenity that contrasts with the polarization and tension detected in the political front. Six out of ten Spaniards, according to a survey […]

Spain, a powerful investment destination

Benito Berceruelo, CEO of Estudio de Comunicación January 25th, 2023 It is not easy to outperform others in this globalized and competitive world. Companies and countries have to convince clients and investors that their products are better than those of their competitors or that their track record deserves the highest credibility in order to getting them […]

The symbiotic relation between the legal and media defenses

When there is a process that has public relevance, it is crucial that the legal defence work together with the Media one to align strategies and narrative. That double defence is crucial to achieve good results.  Last August, Javier Gómez de Liaño, a renowned Spanish lawyer, formerly a very important judge, wrote an article in […]

Spain is approaching an election year

Spain is approaching an election year without a clear forecast of its outcome. Throughout 2023, almost all levels of political Administration have to be renewed: local governments, most of the regional ones and the Government of the nation itself. 2024 can start with a new political landscape in the whole country. The first electoral date […]

Sostenibilidad de empresa y empleados 

Dirigentes.- Por Pedro Soto, Director en Estudio de Comunicación. La sostenibilidad está en auge dentro de los discursos corporativos. Cabe debatir cuánto de este auge se debe a que las propias compañías se han dado cuenta de la necesidad de apoyar el progreso de la sociedad, combatir sus desigualdades y afrontar la emergencia climática; si por […]


Article published at El Confidencial, one of the most influential Spanish digital newspapers specialized in economic, financial and political news By Benito Berceruelo, Founding Partner and CEO of  Estudio de Comunicación We have made little progress on the SDGs field. For those who are new to the subject, this acronym stands for Sustainable Development Goals, […]

Antonio Caño, new Partner for the Public Affairs Practice

Estudio de Comunicación continues the expansion of its activity in the communication business with the appointment of Antonio Caño as new Partner of the Public Affairs practice. With more than 40 years of experience in the Media industry, both at a national and international level, Caño will contribute his expertise and knowledge in the Public […]

When companies take advantage of administrative silence

Companies, such as individuals, are slaves of their words and sometimes they face a huge problem if their ambitious targets are not met. Putting these missed goals in a drawer, as if no journalist would ask about them afterwards, is a risk that should be avoided if they want to keep their reputation unscathed. So […]

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