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The Importance of Institutional Relations in M&A Deals

Recently, the Court of Justice of the EU upheld the multi-million dollar fine imposed by the European Commission in 2019 on a well-known multinational for having completed a takeover bid without first obtaining permission from the EU competition authorities. Under European law, closing transactions without antitrust clearance or providing misleading information during the regulatory approval […]

Crisis Communication Handbook

In the permanently connected world we live in; company executives need to pay attention to the media and be prepared for both good and bad news. Negative posts come unexpectedly, demanding the same or more attention as the good ones.  Bad news can easily and quickly cause a reputational crisis for a company. If only […]

Integration of ESG criteria: a necessary decision

Integrating ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) measures into corporate governance seems to be an increasingly necessary decision for companies. Not only the product or service offered, but also how it is produced or carried out, and how a company acts socially, is playing an increasingly important role in consumers’ purchasing choices. But, in addition, […]

ESG is not advertising

Article published at Spanish magazine specialized in marketing, advertising and communication, Control Publicidad – By Ana Pereira, Director at Estudio de Comunicación When it comes to environmental, social and governance combined with brand values, the line between communication and advertising is very thin, and it is easy to cross. “I would like to tell you […]

Estudio de Comunicación ranks 3rd best ESG consultancy in Spain

Only after Accenture and Indra, according to MERCO ESG monitor Accenture, Indra, Estudio de Comunicación and Ibermática are the only consultancy firms that figure in the 2021 MERCO ESG rank in Spain. MERCO, the corporate monitor of reference in Spain and Latin America, which evaluates the ESG responsibility of companies since 2000, published in late […]

Communicating is now more cross-cutting than ever

The expression “from every crisis comes an opportunity”, which we are all familiar with and have all used at one time or another, has become a somewhat of a mantra. In the last three years we have experienced almost every kind of crisis, predictable and unpredictable. It is precisely the latter that are the most […]

How the CEO’s personal image helps boost a brand image

Article published at Spanish magazine ‘Ejecutivos’ – By Esther Almendros, Senior Consultant at Estudio de Comunicación There is a widespread belief that personal branding is not encouraged in most companies, nor is the leader’s positioning strategy taken into account. However, enhancing the identity that characterises a CEO and differentiates him from other executives contributes to […]

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